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| May 29, 2021

STOP USING YOUR BRAIN AS A FINANCIAL STORAGE UNIT. Use it instead to think more creatively and strategically about your financial life.

I recently helped a friend move a couple items into a storage unit. He was using the unit temporarily to store his household items while he waited to move into his new house.

This made me think, putting stuff in the storage unit without the structure of a house is like leading a financial life is without a framework.

You have all these items…accumulated over long periods of time…purchased for a specific purpose…all piled in one space. You can’t quite remember everything that’s in there, much less the location of everything. It’s hard to navigate your contents without the structure of a house. There are no halls connecting different areas. Everything feels cluttered and disorganized. Imagine trying to live your life out of a storage unit. It would be less than ideal. We know this because we have all lived in house or apartment. Big or small, well organized or not…the structure of the house, the walls, the halls, each space has a design and a purpose. The framework of a house makes it possible to live your life with clarity, confidence and comfort.

But many people have never had a financial framework, so they don’t really know the difference between a financial life with a framework and without a framework. If all you’ve ever known is a storage unit, then you don’t know what you’re are missing. The financial services industry is extremely compartmentalized and geared toward products and investments. This leaves the client on their own to sort, sift, and organize everything and mostly in their heads. Some quantitative stuff gets a place in a spreadsheet or an app, but most things don’t have a place. Especially qualitative stuff, like feelings, memories, habits, biases, vices and values. All these things come together to create and shape your financial life, but there’s no framework bringing them together to help you live your financial life with clarity, confidence and comfort.

Once you move your items out of the storage unit and into your new house you immediately get that feeling of clarity, confidence and comfort. This is what the [Fi] Life Framework does for your financial life, by giving you a place to put all the quantitative stuff and the qualitative stuff. It get’s everything out your head (storage unit) and into a framework (house).

[Fi] Life Framework: a better way to think about, plan and manage your financial life.