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Personal Financial Planner

Your Personal Financial Planner is not a person and it's not a plan. It's a combination of tools and resources that truly equips you with a holistic approach to leading a better financial life. 

  • The 7 Uses of Money Guidebook
  • The Underlying Dynamics of Financial Decisions Guidebook
  • Pile or File Management System
  • Goal Setter
  • Monthly Planner 
  • Big Decision Worksheet 


While money is largely abstract, thinking about money in terms of its “use” makes it more concrete and tangible. This guidebook helps simplify the way you think about money by narrowing its uses down to seven functional categories and it puts forth a perspective of money that can radically impact your family and the world around you.

Read through this guidebook in an hour or less. Review as needed.



You are hardwired with a unique disposition toward making financial decisions and over time you develop personal habits, biases, and emotional values and vices regarding money. This guidebook helps you develop self-knowledge of the underlying dynamics that drive your decisions so you can better respond to and initiate change in your financial life.

Working through this guidebook takes 1-2 hours and can be done in sections.



A big part of leading a better financial life is the artful mastery of organizing your financial files. You have mental files, digital files and physical files and our framework is committed to the efficient organization and integrated management of all three. So, whether you are a piler or filer of your physical files, our system of will make filing or piling quick and easy.

Total time spent is about 7 minutes a month. 

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Life can be crazy busy and staying on top of all aspects of your financial life is difficult. The Monthly Planner makes it easier to proactively plan and manage your financial life in the context of your daily calendar. It helps keep your goals visible, break down big decisions and long-term goals into more manageable tasks and improve communication with your spouse.

Thirty minutes a month with this tool is all it takes.



Money is often a factor in life’s biggest decisions, but rarely is it the most important. Whether it’s buying a home, choosing the right school or making a major donation, The Big Decision Worksheet provides a way to identify and synthesize all the elements of a decision so you can make it with clarity and confidence.

Use this tool as needed to make big decisions. Takes 1-2 hours.

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Goal setting is easier said than done. Our intuitive simple-to-use goal-setting process can help you quickly identify potential goals, prioritize them and outline the steps you need to take to achieve them.

Use this tool twice a year. Once to set goals and once to review your goals. Takes 1-2 hours.